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  • Welcome to Cotswold TV, the community driven television of the Cotswolds. Enjoy features, shows and videos from across the Cotswolds and Gloucestershire starring local people, places, events and businesses.

    Cotswold TV spans the Cotswolds from the south Gloucestershire villages and towns such as Castle Combe, Tetbury and Cirencester up through Gloucestershire covering Cheltenham, Stroud and Gloucester heading towards the North Cotswolds of Broadway, Chipping Campden and Stow on the wold.

    Presented by Rowena, the Cotswold TV team catch up with charity projects, community groups and events across the Cotswolds whilst also interviewing local businesses about their news and great offerings for both locals and tourists to the Cotswolds.

    Famous for its Cotswold inns and hotels, rolling hills, weekend breaks and wedding venues the Cotswolds has so much more to offer! Home to some of the country's most successful businesses and a countryside so packed with fine food, designer clothing and creativity that celebrities, royalty and artists are proud to call it home!

    Cotswolds means, "Sheep enclosure on rolling hills" but you'll find much more here in the region that spans Gloucestershire, touching upon Warwickshire to the north, Oxfordshire to the east and Wiltshire to the south. Here on Cotswold TV we have over a thousand features spanning everything from nature and wildlife to motoring, history and dining in the Cotswolds.

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Welcome to Cotswold TV, The Home of All Things Cotswolds

Cotswold TV is the community spirited arm of Gloucestershire based video production company, Furry Feet TV. Bringing together videos and TV features shot for Cotswolds community groups and charity events with local business features, Cotswold TV manages to deliver a community AND commercial message through a local TV style. Non-profit features are funded by local business sponsoring shows or through a local business paying to have a specific charitable feature produced - being gifted in return with lifelong promotion on the video. Businesses can also pay to have a video made of themselves with full 50% discount over the Furry Feet TV rate when getting involved with Cotswold TV. TV for the people - be part of it!
The famous debate of where is the Cotswolds! Cotswold TV grew from a base between Cheltenham and Cirencester, Cirencester being known as the capital of the Cotswolds. Covering more and more events and businesses we saw ourselves spreading out across the region. Always conscious of staying within the boundaries of what we deem to be the Cotswolds. We have lived here all our lives and believe we have a reasonably good idea! To the south we don't cover Bath but start just above it in the area of Castle Combe and Malmesbury. To the East we travel as far as Burford and the Cotswold Wildlife Park. We don't cover too much in the Oxfordshire Cotswolds, due to travel costs and it makes our area too large for a targeted location demographic. Heading north we cover the old roman road that travels through the picture postcard towns of Stow on the Wold, Bourton on the Water, Moreton in Marsh and Chipping Campden. To the East we often head towards Stroud, although the Stroud Valleys stand on their own with their own unique feel, Stroud and the villages around Stroud share a Cotswolds charm. With regards to the major towns and cities we do cover certain events in Gloucester but it is not seen to be part of the Cotswolds in our eyes, unlike Cheltenham which is the self-proclaimed gateway to the Cotswolds.
Just like the best in modern TV watching, Cotswold TV is online, on demand! Watch from your PC, Laptop, Apple, iPad, Tablet or Mobile Phone! Any of the features at any time, all archived for viewing at your pleasure. You can also order DVDs if you wish of features, Copies on USB, Downloadable Video Files. You will often find our public TV screens throughout the Cotswolds playing Cotswold TV live loop. To keep up to date with the latest features please join our email newsletter mailing list or follow us on Twitter / Facebook.
The Cotswold TV online TV station model is slightly different to traditional TV models - due to two factors - 1. We don't have the luxury of Tax Payer funding like the BBC and 2. We don't like plastering advertising over Cotswold TV and selling too much ad space! So that leaves us with funding the content through those Cotswolds personalities who are starring in the videos. For Businesses this is pretty straight forward, you simply ask us to film for you and we charge you an hourly rate for production. For non-profit events, projects, charities and groups we simply need to find a business to pay for the feature for you - that business is then promoted as the sponsor of the feature - wherever the video is played, continuously throughout the video using a banner in the corner.
As previously mentioned Cotswold TV is the community production of Furry Feet TV. Furry Feet TV provides corporate video production services for small businesses through to international corporations. Features you wouldn't always know they produced as they carry only the client's branding. Cotswold TV has been designed to offer affordable, straight to the point, minimal fuss video production for Cotswolds locals and through Cotswold TV you can obtain a 50% discount. Furry Feet TV rate, £70 per hour, Cotswold TV rate, £35 per hour. To be eligible for this rate you need to either be a non profit organisation or a business with a Cotswold TV 'FEATURED BUSINES' membership. Cotswold TV featured business membership is £65 per month, this gains a showcase level of promotion on Cotswold TV and grants your business the half price rate for additional filming and editing allowing for regular shows to be much more affordable for you.

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