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For video productions and TV projects we are here to help! Please complete the form on this page which will give you an indication of the pricing from Cotswold TV. Also feel free to follow through and submit the form for a no obligation quotation following which we will respond with any questions we may have along with a full quotation for your consideration.

For our Bespoke TV Studios offering please see this page...

Alternatively email your enquiry to info@cotswoldtv.com or call the office on 01285 831848

Video Production

Use video to give greater insight into your business, to promote your products, produce TV shows that promote your products... the options are endless. We create all types of video production from Corporate style introductions to full TV shows starring you and your products. Always keeping at the forefront of our minds the intent and reason behind having a video produced - it's not just about getting a million views - else we'd just film you fall down the stairs.

TV Style Video Production

Creating TV shows that promote your business, services and brand lead to engaging, shareable videos that entertain and inform whilst promoting your products and services.

Event Coverage

Full coverage of entire events across multiple cameras with interviews or simply capturing the highlights from your event.

In the Community

50% Discount Available for Non-Profits - Make it Free by finding a business to be promoted as the sponsor of your feature, and they can pay for the video - receiving the 50% Discount. Banner Ads, Interviews within the Feature or Pre-Roll Commercials are all available options to your sponsor.