About Us

Showcasing the Cotswolds since 2009

It all began back in 2009 when multimedia company Furry Feet Studios started shooting video content such as community events and charities from the Cotswolds… Back in the day of slow internet and compressed little videos – but with great effort to make ‘Telly’ for the Cotswolds.

Originally using Cotswold TV as a way to promote additional corporate video services

The Cotswold TV of today

So from 2009 until 2014 Cotswold TV filmed their own content, free of charge to communities, charities and events. Created as a promotional tool for our video services and some features financed by sponsorship. 

In 2015 Cotswold TV moved its focus to charging for video production and the company was more of a corporate video production company for the region. Although of course, promoting on the Cotswold TV website. Production of free local tv style films slowed up due to corporate commitments.

When Cotswold TV first launched, good online video was few and far between so we had to create all the local tv ourselves! However nowadays other content being produced in the region is great. To offer to put this content in front of new eyes Cotswold TV community focus was re-engaged! In 2019 Cotswold TV relaunched with its original ethos of being Local TV. However ANYONE can now submit and promote their content! 

Knowing the benefits Cotswold TV brought as a platform to promote video production services and local business we want everyone to benefit.  Part of this update Cotswold TV has been to not produce or promote video production services ourselves – to ensure a level playing field for anyone wishing to promote their video production services when they submit videos. (Our parent company Furry Feet Studios will still submit but just as any other video company can)

Cotswold TV is a platform for broadcasting a great collection of TV, Film and Video from the Cotswolds. Much like a Free to view, Netflix of the Cotswolds. Join in! 🙂 

To Celebrate our Re-Launch and Public Access