About Us

Capturing the Cotswolds since 2009

It all began back in 2009 when multimedia company Furry Feet Studios (founded in 1999 by Tom Wakefield) started shooting video content such as community events and charities from the Cotswolds… Back in the day of slow internet and compressed little videos – but with great effort to make ‘Telly’ for the Cotswolds.

Bringing TV style video production to small businesses and charities

The Cotswold TV of today

So from 2009 until 2014 Cotswold TV filmed their own content, free of charge to communities, charities and events. Created as a promotional tool for our video services and some features financed by sponsorship. 

In 2015 Cotswold TV moved its focus to charging for video production and the company was more of a corporate video production company for the region. Although of course, promoting on the Cotswold TV website. Production of free local tv style films slowed up due to corporate commitments.

Due to the increase in social media, iphone videos and the general ease for a quick video here in 2019 we do not offer the free community TV approach – but instead offer a more affordable approach to the video and film production services of our parent company Furry Feet Studios.

With Cotswold TV you can, via  a monthly subscription build up production hours. Either to be used to pay for a production via monthly payments or to  allow for regular filming of charity or business films at a discounted rate.