Cinematic CV

A film from storyboard to production that aimed to show off the talents of Will George in an attention-grabbing way.

Storyboard / Plan

Approx 10 hours
Combination of storyboarding with the following shot list planning to efficiently capture the shots required across multiple locations, engaging with multiple resources, people and places.


Approx 30 hours
Filming across 6 venues from the Cotswold Water Park to the City of London including 2 different stunt cars. Filmed across 4 separate days allowing for weather and availability.


Approx 20 hours
Bringing the storyboard film together from the planned shots can often be less time consuming than something like general event filming. Animated text, colour graded, royalty free music and foley.


Primarily promoted on LinkedIn and was very positively received - leading to a job opportunity as intended.

Storyboarding and planning can play a huge role in production