CDCH TV – Archer

AGE: 6 Year

SEX: Male

Just look at this fella, he’s got the looks, he’s got the brains, he’s got the personality, the only thing he’s missing is a loving home.

Archer is a true gentleman, he walks beautifully on the lead despite his size, gets on well with other dogs and adores people, he’s a lovable lump who really has a gentle nature. Archer has a playful side to him, tuggy games are a favourite of his. However you’re not likely to win a tug of war! He settles beautifully in the office when he has some downtime from kennels, often assisting with filling. Archer does have good recall, being a sight hound his new family will need to be aware of their nature.

If your ideal dog is lovable, gentle, playful, a little bit cheeky, happy and friendly that is just what you’re going to get with Archer.