CDCH TV – Lucky

AGE: 10 Years

SEX: Male

Introducing Lucky.

Lucky is a gorgeous black boy who has been with us for around two weeks, and is now ready to find his new home.

Despite his namesake lucky hasn’t been that lucky recently.
Lucky has developed a low grade tumour on his face, which gives him a very unique looking nose. This tumour may affect his good looks in time, and may require surgery down the line, but he does not need any day to day treatment for the issue. This is something that we would happily discuss as part of his adoption.

Apart from having an odd shaped face lucky is a normal friendly chap who has a sparkling personality and stunning orange eyes to match.

Lucky is looking for a quiet home where someone would be around for most of the day that he could sit next to and keep company.

As lucky has only previously lived as an indoor cat he would need be homed either as an indoor cat, or have access to a secure garden away from busy roads.

As lucky has not had much experience of children we think that it is best if he is homed with children aged 12+