Classic Car Trumps

A Personal ‘Cars for Life’ film of you and your beloved classic car

A discounted production through the dual use of a ‘Classic Car Trumps’ series film for our YouTube channel

'Classic Car Trumps' Version

The YouTube Channel Version for Cotswold TV Broadcast

Your 'Cars For Life' Version

Your Personal Film, Your Car, Your Favourite Spot, Your Favourite Driving Track


Plan a day of filming with the car, you as this star or chosen driver. We can also do the driving for you as part of the deal / if required. Locations to suit our team or locations that tell your own personal story. This may also require pre-planning time.


Typically a day of filming, with suitable breaks to capture aspects of the car from in car, drive by, drone, motion and static. Capturing the sounds from all angles. 8 hours when from our standard locations. Further time required for more bespoke locations.


A 'Cars for Life' edit of the best shots leading to approximately 3 to 4 mins to fit to your favourite driving piece of music. Playing out as a memorable day for (you and) your car. Following this a 'Classic Car Trumps' video that we create based on the film that we will publish on our YouTube channel.


You will be provided with your film in an online link that you can save to your phone etc. - share with friends and family. As your main film will contain famous music (probably) it would be for private viewing only. The Classic Car Trumps video will be published to YouTube for anyone to view and share.

Treat yourself, gift a loved one...

From £595

Filmed in our planned location around Cirencester in the Cotswolds.
(Typical Cotswold TV Rate Production value of £1500) Prices plus VAT

From £795

Filmed from Custom Locations in the Cotswolds. Additional planning and logistics.
(Typical Cotswold TV Rate Production value of £1750) Prices plus VAT