Corinium Museum



Launching 'Stone Age to Corinium'

A Live TV show approach was taken for the launch of new galleries at the Corinium Museum. Filming members of the museum team along with associated organisations, people and celebrities to create an engaging launch film. Following up with a royal visit. 

Launch Film

We typically visit monthly to produce a cooking show with Creed. The regularity of production creates efficiency at the venue, with the kit and the on screen talent.

20 hrs Filming

Various people and stages of development led to various visit to the museum. Very efficient use of time on site through all of the on screen talent using a teleprompter for pre written scripts.

30 hrs Editing

Longer videos of course lead to longer editing times. Due to the pre-prep of scripting though there was not a need to cut out the best bits, which helps greatly in editing time.


Provided in 4k MP4 ready for publish. Published to YouTube and Facebook as a 'Premiere' meaning it was broadcast like a live show - with people signing up to watch at the same time. Subtitles generated by YouTube.

"Tom is great! He understood the remit and the scripts, and what I was trying to do! He offered his advice, and opinions exactly when and where it was required. He is creative, adaptable, dedicated, and a consummate professional, with a warm, fun, and engaging manner. The resulting film for the Corinium Museum has received many great commendations. I do hope to work with Tom again soon."
Kathryn Allison

Breaking Down the Video

Following the main production we were then able to break down the film into shorter features for continued use
"You’ve done an amazing job, thank you so much for all the time you have put into this. It really is amazing! I really enjoy work with you and I hope we can do more in the future."
Amanda Hart
MUSEUM DIRECTOR, Corinium Museum

Creating New Versions

Film star Ben Miller was a great addition to the launch film. By using different scripts and edits we were  then able to create a new version of the video that had a style more suited to the test of time. A general introduction as apposed to a ‘launch’
"Many Congrats on a very professionally organised filming session at the museum this morning. I LOVE it when things are professionally done!"
Cllr Jenny Forde

HRH The Prince of Wales Visits

Following the launch HRH The Prince of Wales came to visit. We filmed the visit for in-house use at the museum as well as sending to media outlets for use within a couple of hours of the event occurring.

TV News

Capturing as TV News but directly for our client, the Corinium museum.

4 hrs Filming

To be on sight in good time, setup, for the duration, pack down head back to the office.

5 hrs Editing

Creating the rushes for the news and an edit for the Museum's only promotion.


Published to Social media and shared with local online magazines and major TV news outlets.

"Everyone loved your film, I hope you’re pleased with it. We couldn’t have asked for a better partner to work with."
Sarah Lewis
Corinium Museum