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  • Cotswold TV is the Video and Film Production division of Furry Feet Studios. We specialise in producing TV style videos for businesses of all sizes. Through bespoke TV studios, TV presenter based features, event coverage and TV Show style production such as cooking shows for food businesses. Based between Cirencester and Cheltenham we offer video production across the Cotswolds and Gloucestershire but also across the UK and the globe.

    The Community
    Cotswold TV 'Community' is for the Cotswolds, supported by local business sponsorship. We offer a full 50% discout on the production costs of features for community groups, charities and 'not for profit' organisations. The intention being that a company pays for the production, becoming it's sponsor. In return having their logo, advert, promotion and thanks appearing on the video.

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TV Style Video Production in the Cotswolds and Beyond

Video has taken off dramatically across the interent on all connected devices! Why Not! We all have the ability to record high quality HD, even 4K video in the palm of our hands. Off the cuff, social media video already out-performs images on social media. There is certainly a time for this style of video and an equally as large space for professional shot productions. That's where Cotswold TV compliment and work with you and your team to produce video content. Filming you make your own shows through to delivering your message with studios, presenters and more! MAKE AN ENQUIRY
Producing regular TV News bulletins with a range of options we take your script and turn your internal or public facing news and reports into engaging TV News Bulletins. A great way to get the message across to your team and customers - existing and new. FIND OUT MORE
We produce video content for presentation during events - forming part of the show aswell as capturing the event itself via multiple cameras and with presenters. We also produce productions of theatrical shows from small nativity plays to shakespeare in the open. FIND OUT MORE
For straight up Video Production services please see our 'For Business' department PRODUCTION ENQUIRY HERE>

Just a few of the features from Cotswold TV... browse categories for more

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  • Snap Fitness UK
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  • Pied Piper 25 Years
  • Undiscovered LIVE at Cotswold Airport
  • Dusty Duck arrives at WWT Slimbridge
  • Miss Cheltenham hits the Gallops
  • Magic Men Meltdown
  • Ferraris in Broadway for Italian Day